For over 20 years, Custom Landscape has been "growing in Arkansas". 

Jeb K. Leggett started Custom Landscape in 1986 in Little Rock, AR on 1 acre of land. Custom Landscape was a landscape firm in Little Rock, AR that began growing their own perennials for landscape jobs. As the business grew, so did the demand for the perennials that were being grown. In 1996, Jeb relocated his business and his familiy  to Mt. Vernon, Arkansas (50 miles outside of Little Rock) on 40 acres of land and became Custom Landscape & Nursery, Inc. Due to continued growth and demand an additional 40 acres was acquired in 2002. Custom Landscape & Nursery, Inc. now sits on 80 acres of rich Faulkner County soil in the heart of Arkansas.

A percentage of our plant stock is started here at the nursery while some are shipped in, then replanted and grown to larger sizes for landscape installation. Others are established in containers for year-round sales, and sold to garden centers, landscape firms and more. 
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